Atelier Doré Showroom in Paramaribo, Suriname

Design and production for the Atelier Doré showroom in Paramaribo Suriname.

In 1955 a young gold- and silver-smith Doremus Hendrik Uiterloo – better known as Doré – opened the doors to his gold- and silver smithy, where he would create unique jewelry for a long time to come. He had earned his fame within and beyond Suriname. Beyond, for a fact left practically unknown to most of us, for our Ministery of Foreign Affairs formally requested Doré & Co. to design and create ceremonial gifts (jewelry) for several world prominent figures such as United States of America’s President Eisenhouwer and Great Brittain’s ‘Queen Mum’.

In 1996 son Henk and his wife Judith adopted Doré & Co. And renamed it Atelier Doré. A surprisingly daring line of jewelry was introduced under this name. Modern Surinamese designs, mainly made of silver, are exclusively crafted by hand. Guaranteeing the quality of silver work, they are no doubt of an international allure. A Caribbean touch of heaven.




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